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Edward Elkins - Writings from the mind Of Edward Elkins

Usenet Vs Torrents – Why I Think Usenet Is Better

bittorrent logoI mentioned in a previous post that I love file sharing. It’s the way that I stay up-to-date on all the latest episodes of my favorite television shows. But, did I mention how much better my experience has been with Usenet? Here’s why over the last few months I have found myself downloading from Usenet rather than torrenting…

First – The Security

Using a torrent client requires a certain amount of uploading, as well as downloading. And during these transactions your real IP address will become visible to other downloaders unless you use a third party application. With Usenet this revealing of the IP address will never be an issue as you are not required to seed as well as leech. Also, most Usenet Newsreader clients support at least 128 bit SSL, and without having to seed, your IP will never be revealed.

dragcarSpeed – On Demand

Most Usenet providers offer unlimited speeds on multiple connections allowing you to max out your connection in download speeds. Unfortunately with torrenting the more you seed the faster downloads you will get. This is also dependent on the number of seeders available to you the leecher. If you have a large download and there are just a few seeders for the file, then your download speeds will suffer also. With Usenet the entire fill will be on multiple servers that are available to you, just pick on, set max the number of connections, and download at your top speed.

UNR LogoYou Get What You Pay For

While torrenting is almost always free, Usenet isn’t. Though it is relatively cheap for the number of perks you will be getting. While free Usenet servers did exist at one time, they are relatively rare and have little content of any value. And, it is true that Usenet membership and content suffered somewhat from the invention of torrenting, but that is a trend that is quickly reversing because of the recent rash of torrent site closings. If you want to know more about Usenet access and file sharing, I go to http://UsenetReviewz.com

The Snowden Reveals – The Fallout That Isn’t Coming From Fukushima

snowdenThe last few months have shown us that not only are the US and British spying machines as large as we suspected, but infinitely more massive and connected that we ever thought possible. Between the USs’ NSA, and the British GCHQ not only do they spy on virtually every phone conversation that touches upon their borders, but they spy on the entirety of the internet, too. So much for privacy… Continue reading

Protect Your Assets – Anti-Theft Software Can Find Stolen Laptops, Smartphones, And Other Digital Devices

hacker laptopIt can be devastating to have the laptop, smartphone, or other digital device you use on a daily basis stolen. Losing a digital device could mean that you have to change all your passwords, you may need to alert your bank, or other financial institutions, or even alert your employer to the loss if the device is network enabled at your job. Continue reading